DECIEP - and more specifically Felista Kibe - is what has kept Mama Biashara in Kenya. This project has been rescuing, feeding, caring for and loving orphaned and abandoned children. It is the work of Felista Kibe, a woman, herself from the slums, who has made these children her life's work. She has been doing this for over 10 years and I have been involved for 6. There are now 120 children being cared for there, including a I year old HIV+ boy called Hiram, who was found covered in mud and excrement as a newborn in a rural village where the locals feared to touch him because to do so would infect them with HIV...  One recent arrival is Jane, a girl from the project in Juja (see below). Jane is 12 and has a 10 month old baby, the result of rape. Both are blossoming at DECIEP. And receiving the medical help they need. Increasingly DECIP is seen as a safe and caring placement for HIV+ children. Mama Biashara funded the building of the home and school, helps with salaries for teachers, bills for electricity and food and emergency medical care.  

The plan is that, sometime in the future, the home will not need Mama's help. And so we are always looking for money generating schemes for DECIP.   Through Mama Biashara, Gallagher Securities - the inventors and world leaders of electric fencing systems generously funded the purchase and repair of a pick-up truck which will be used to sell water from DECIEP's well. The income generated by this should go a long way to making DECIEP self financing.