This group was started by 18 former commercial sex workers, There are now 30 women and 5 men in the group – all former CSWs. They started selling eggs to Naivasha Prison and now sell in nearby town markets as well. They collect the eggs from the farm and take them – by a wheelbarrow bought as part of the set up grant – in a sort of relay from the farm the 20 kilometers top the prison.  They have bought a second wheelbarrow and are nearly at the stage of getting motorised transport !


There are now 39 egg groups across the country with an average of 25 members each, both male and female. Some are selling over 120 trays per day (30 eggs in a tray)

The most successful groups are the original CSW group (see above) which now has 90 members, Mzee (old man) group with  92 membembers and the Wangigi Group with  90 members

UPDATE  SEPT 2015    The groups have started buying eggs in the interior – as the profit margin is much better.  They are also working in shifts – raw eggs are sold during the day and the unsold portion of that is boiled and sold as snacks in the evening