This group was started by 20 young men who had a contact at Gikomba market where all the containers of old clothes come in for sale. Many of them, interestingly, still have their tags from Oxfam and Save the Children etc still attached. So be aware that when you donate there, your clothes may end up making someone a fair bit of money …   Anyway, our young men got a grant to sell trousers – the 'first camera' trousers (top grade). They added another dozen young men to the group and now have a big stall themselves at the market. They started up a group for women selling blouses and shirts and have also spawned an ironing business there, with two irons and boards.


The ironing boys have grown to 32 members who now own an industrial iron. They have just started another group at Soko Mchinga with 10 new members.


A massive fire (stared deliberately) ripped through Gikomba market and destroyed 169 Mama Biashara businesses. However, so well were the businesses run that they have all been able to start up again and are already running. They had no extra help from Mama Biashara. The whole group now numbers more than 300 people.

This is one of the groups that best absorbs new members. Someone in need is sent to Gikomba and one of the members there will start them off with training, advice and some stock.