Majani – Tea Leaves

This started in the Limuru area with 3 mamas who had a new way of selling tea leaves to the poorest women in the small rural villages. They sold more or less just enough for one pot of tea. They packaged the leaves very fresh and in little packs they sealed shut with a candle flame. They changed the way tea is sold across these areas. The ladies now wholesale to small local supermarkets across the region.

They grew to 20 very quickly from the original 3 – always with the original ladies training the new people in handling and packaging the leaves. Now (about 9 months on)  there are around 172 tea mamas  - 80 in the Nairobi area going as far as Nyahururu and Kajiando, 40 in Mpekatoni (the area first devastated by the ongoing ethnic cleansing on the Coast), 20 in Watamu and 12 in Ganze (both in the thick of the ethnic cleansing)


This grew out of the Tea Leaf business (above), The first three Tea Mamas started drying ginger, turmeric and cinnamon and grinding it themselves for sale. They now sell to local supermarkets (about 20 mamas) and have spread to Nairobi (where we have 30 mamas selling), down to Mpekatoni (20), Ganze (12) and Voi (8)