A group of six young men were started with a grant for buying and selling pigs. They started with three and built from there. When the wonderful Neil came for a  Mama Biashara visit to Kenya, they waylaid him and got a grant for a boar. In Neil's honour he was named Dirty Neil. He has been rented out at 1000 (about £8) a pop (as it were) as well as fathering 24 Dirty Little Neils and Nellies for Mama Biashara to start other businesses with.

The boys are now selling directly to Farmer's Choice (huge company) as well as having set up their own slaughterhouse.  From 6 they have grown to 26 employed full time in the business.   Dirty Neil became so famous he started a bidding war and was recently sold to a rich white farmer who paid a Very Good Price !!  His replacement is working hard.

UPDATE   Sept 2015

To date Dirty Neil has made 160 new pig businesses possible