This was an enterprising group of 19 lads who had all been in trouble with the police and came to us via a contact of Doris'. They were trained by ASK – the Agricultural Society of Kenya – in creating dairy cow fodder from chicken shit. Basically you get 87kg of chicken poo, add a kilo of omena flour (fish meal) and a couple of kilos of salt and vitamin powder.  It became obvious after they were shown the recipe that ASK were only interested in cheap labour, insisted that ALL their fodder be sold to ASK at a terrible price and on somewhat erratic payment terms. And so our boys started finding their own customers. They were reliable, nice to deal with and offered good prices. And so they became very successful.  At which point ASK had them shut down and 27 of the boys put in prison. We got them out but ASK took all their kit, their bicycles and all of their stock. So they started again. And from nothing they have hauled themselves back up to a group of 34 men and are finding customers outside the Nairobi area. They are coming back with great enthusiasm and intent

UPDATE  Sept 2015

Groups are now getting together in Kitale and Nakuru. Watch this space