Women (many of them young commercial sex workers) begin with us selling toiletries and cosmetics door to door. A kind of Kenyan Avon lady. From our original group of 19 itinerant salesladies, we have grown and now have a shop in Kenol, bases in town and a direct connection with our ex-Mashallah girls in China who send all manner of accessories and stuff that the girls here in Kenya offer to their customers on an exclusive basis.  We now have 29 ladies in Huruma, 67 in Eastleigh, 32 in Kinoo and 34 other individual ladies who come together to buy but operate in disparate areas. This group is one of the fastest growing and is 100% self seeding

UPDATE  Sept 2015

Kikkuyu now has a group of 40 and Limuru has 60 sellers.  Onwards and upwards !