This began with Vicky coming to us having been offered the contract to clean and maintain a hotel just outside Nairobi. This was a hotel that rented by the hour. And Vicky and her friends (and their clients) were regular customers.   Eight women and five men started the business. We kitted them out with all the overalls, boots and rubber gloves, cleaning stuff and everything they needed.  They then added two more hotels, then a couple in Nairobi town. All the time the group was growing. They took over the maintaining  (inside and out) of a big resort on the other side of Nairobi and started with a new group. All trained by Vicky. By now members of the original team were heading up their own groups. Mama B financed another big venture with a huge team being offered the contract to renovate and maintain an old hotel in Voi. From there they have moved along the coast to Watamu and Mombasa where Vicky has been a massive help in securing jobs from some of the refugees fleeing the ethnic cleansing there.  Vicky also takes many of the older commercial sex workers in Mombasa and gives them a way out. These ladies have massive health problems because, to try to make themselves lighter skinned (which is what is favoured by the customers there), they scrub themselves twice daily with undiluted household bleach during their working life. So we now have about 24 diffferent groups which have sprung out of Vicky's and 89 men and women who are currently working directly with Vicky.

Painting and Decorating

This grew out of Vickys, when they got the contracts for the Voi hotel. There are now two big groups – the first one in Voi which has grown to 42 and a new one in Limuru of 32 members. They currently have a contract for three buildings but will soon expand the group as they have just got a contract for a seven story building. These groups have been totally self seeding and funded all their own expansion.

UPDATE  Sept 2015

Vicky's have now been elevated to a sort of 'consultant' status and are now kicking off groups across Mombasa, Pemba, Tanzania and Zanzibar.  They go in, use local people, set up a new group and train them, then that group carries on in whatever area it is.  Vicky's have now branched into fumigation. They are, it has to be admitted, HUGE.