We gave a grant to some young women in a Zimbabwean refugee community – most of them 4th wives. The first group numbered 25 and got an order from Sudan for Vitamba. We now have 104 in Nairobi alone with orders from Uganda, Tanzania as well as Sudan


After just one more group being fully funded the Mama B Vitamba ladies have more or less taken over the business across Sudan. We now have 230 mamas making them and still growing. We are, according to Doris, now a household name in Khartum and Juba. Business continues to grow.

Update  Sept 2015

50% of the vitamba sold in Khartoum are made by Mama B ladies. The groups are getting huge. And the young wives who make them up are doing wonders for the quality of life, food and education of their children.  Their earnings are transforming their children's lives and prospects.