The chemicals for detergent making are bought for about £3.50 for 20 litres' worth. The selling price is around 3.00 per litre. The Jik (bleach) is brought by me, in tablet form from the UK (£1 for 36 litres' worth) and sold at about £1 per litre.

We have groups in the Zimbabwean refugee community (70) Limuru (12), Gikui (43), Kebagare (31), Kawangware (41)

There are also sizeable groups selling Jik and detergent in Awendo and surrounding area and in Western Kenya

UPDATE  Sept 2015

We now reckon we have about 300 selling the liquid detergent and 200 selling bleach.  All our cleaning groups also use the liquid detergent and jik mixed – it is our USP and our customers love it !