Mamas : Faith and Lucy - Papas : John and Peter

Outside Nairobi Mama B has dug a well on a farm which has been dying due to lack of water. There are 4 generations of the same family living there. Water was found at 50 feet and a pump installed. The well will provide water for the foreseeable future. Until now, the nearest water was several kilometres away.

By way of 'interest' on the well, the farmer will be supplying water to the local community. 

Once the farm is fertile again, the local community will be first in line for work.

In addition to this the farmer will allow Mama B to erect a building to be the centre of the feeding/medical project (see below). The project is allowed use of this land for the project in perpetuity.

Mama B has started (after looking around the area) a weekly feeding, clothing and medication programme for the local children, very many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans. The cost of giving 100 children a good meal once a week, with extra-nutritious porridge, fruit juice and the very occasional lollipop, plus basic medications and a few footballs is £100 per month.

Finance is currently being found on a month to month basis.