In the Porro district of Samburu the nearest school is too far away to reach. A small education programme exists there, set up by a local man. Mama Biashara is hoping to build a small school (2010) which will be made self financing by having an acre of aloe vera growing next to it, tended and protected from elephants by the community the school serves. This duty of care will be the 'school fee';. My research has shown that one acre of aloe vera (which already grows wild there) can bring in 3m Kenya Shillings per year. This method of financing will not change the area, nor the current way of life of the people. Other than to improve it financially. The community are hugely enthusiastic and samples of the local plants are being taken to the Baringo processing plant for analysis to see if they are the correct type of aloe vera for commercial exploitation. Fingers crossed.