Community Education

Alongside poverty, one of the biggest killers in Kenya is ignorance. We help with information on health (everything from the dangers of cooking without ventilation to our campaign on cholera prevention), nutrition, legal and constitutional rights and our Red Zone dolls are used with victims of sexual abuse and in schools to teach children how to say no. By visiting areas suffering an epidemic and teaching the people simply to boil their water before using it, we stopped cholera in its tracks in Nakuru and Mombasa. We alerted the poorest people across Kenya to the fact that they were being made to pay completely illegal fees to register their children at government schools. We have helped people understand that cooking indoors in a non ventilated single room can be what is causing their congestion, their coughs, their headaches and feelings of being unwell. That dietary changes will cure what the women call ‘ulcers’. And that the menopause is not an illness.INformation is power. And we hand out as much as we can wherever we can.

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Mama Biashara
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